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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

poem by w.h Davies,The rain


I hear leaves drinking rain;

I hear rich leaves on top

Giving the poor beneth

Drop after Drop;

'Tis a sweet noise to hear

These green leaves drinking near.

And when the sun comes out.

After this rain shall stop,

Light will fill A wondrous

Each dark, round drop;

I hope the sun shines bright;

It will be a lovely sight.
Information about this poem

This poem is writtin by w.h Davies.

w.h davies is a prolific poet whose favourite themes are the

beauties of nature and the miseries of the poor.He himself is

a poor man who knows the hardship that the poor have to

pass through.But he is not a pessimist. he looks at both dark

and bright sides of life and shows that man is comfortable.

If he enjoys the charms of nature that surround him.

In this poem,too, he portays a beatiful scene with a slighyt

touch of pain.The rain is falling on the green leaves of a trees

beneath which a poor man is sitting.Though the poor man is

getting wet with the rain,he hears the sweet noise of the rain

falling on the green leaves and enjoys himself.He thinks that the

leaves are"rich" because thay are full of water.He waits for the

sun to come out after the rain stops.He hopes that the bright

rays of the sun will fill each drop of rain with light and his heart

with delight as it would be a lovely scene.

This poem is written by W.h Davies.He was born in 1871.

He was died in 1940.He was a great poet.

I hope you are like this poem.

Next time i shall more poem upload for All of you.

Enjoy your life and pray for me.Allah gave me big success.


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