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Thursday, 17 May 2012


Peter cole
best poem of peter cole
This Poem is written by Peter cole

Pain froze you,for year-and fear-leaving scars.
But now,as though miraculously,it seems here you are

Walking easily accross the ground,and into town
as though you were floating on air,which is part you are

or riding a wave of what feels like the world,s good will-
though help along by something forigen and older than you are

and yet much younger too,inside you,and so palpable
an x-ray,you're sure,whould show it,within the body you are

Not all that far beneath the skin,and even in
some bones.making you wonder:Are you what you are-

what all that isn,t actually you having flowed
through and settled in you,and made you what you are?
This poem is written by Peter cole
This is best poem of peter cole .This is not compelete poem .
but i like this poem specialy these lines are my favrite in
this poem.This is the best peom.nice poem,best poem,
and i like this poem.
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